We are proud of our work
and remain forever curious of what’s next.

HotSpot’s mission is to build more connected communities by providing convenience and information based services to consumers on behalf of our clients.


HotSpot is a company working out of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Best known for our pay-by-phone parking + transit solution, HotSpot is working to provide convenience across the Atlantic provinces. The payment solution is the foundation of our company; creating a convenience for consumers in today’s smartphone-world, and paving the way for new products such as our real-time parking solution. It is through this growth that we will achieve our mission and purpose.


  • Phillip Curley
    Phillip Curley CEO
    • Cody McArthur
      Cody McArthur VP, Client Success
      • Nathan Armstrong
        Nathan Armstrong VP, Business Development
        • Cody Pendleton
          Cody Pendleton Engineering Lead
          • Matt Jones
            Matt Jones Software Developer
            • Sarah Atkinson
              Sarah Atkinson Sales Development
              • Darrenn Saulis
                Darrenn Saulis Support Specialist

                WHY WE DO THIS

                Our purpose is to improve the status quo of city experiences through convenience and information to consumers. Through these efforts, we seek to enable municipalities to thrive within their respective jurisdictions and in cooperation with each other.

                HOW WE GET IT DONE

                HotSpot built and implemented a simple-to-use mobile application for visitors to ease their access to municipalities and provide seamless, enjoyable experiences.  Through realizing transportation as the point of opportunity for citizens, HotSpot has developed a tool to connect municipalities to their citizens and provide the best possible city experience.

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