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HotSpot works with businesses and organizations to make parking and commuting more efficient and pleasant. We’ve got the complete solution for your organization, no matter its size, needs and sector.

Simple Fleet Management

One company, many vehicles. We’ve got the simple solution for multiple parkers.

  • A single company account
  • Intuitive fleet-management dashboard
  • Consolidated payment
  • Rigorous reporting for tax rebates

Corporate Transit

Give your employees the benefit of discounted group rates on a green commuting option.

  • Employees self-manage their account
  • No more handling cash and paper tickets
  • Automatic discounts based on staff adoption rates


For Merchants

Reward and Retain Customers

With a tap, reward customers and keep them longer by adding parking credit to their HotSpot Wallet. Plus, protect against tickets if their meter runs out before they’re done shopping or dining. No need to rush.

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