Case Studies

Integrated parking solutions in Peterborough, Ontario

Before HotSpot, Peterborough got a lot of complaints about its outdated on-street parking system.

“I can’t tell you the number of people who said, ‘Who carries change?” says Lynn Todd, Peterborough’s parking operations coordinator. But with parking priced at just $1.25 an hour, the municipality couldn’t afford the prohibitive fees to debit or credit card payments, and it didn’t want to increase rates.

Enter HotSpot.

The city went live with the app in 2018, adopting HotSpot solutions for hourly on-street and lot parking, eventually adding gated garages and digital permits. At that time, Trent University also came on board.

“We have found HotSpot to be an absolutely fabulous fit,” Lynn says. “It makes more sense to have one app for the entire community, rather than two or three. Now, people can do it all through HotSpot.”

The right-fit plan

Lynn says the HotSpot model was a no-brainer for Peterborough.

“We liked their business plan of being a membership-based program,” she says. “It was more economical. And it was a superior product to offer to the public. A mobile app was a good solution.”

And Lynn’s been wowed with the HotSpot team.

“They put their money where their mouth is by giving us a good product and great support,” she says. “They’ve given us so much confidence in their product.”

Empowering community

HotSpot isn’t just doing business with Peterborough City Hall – they’re getting involved in the community. In December, HotSpot co-sponsored and donated to an annual fundraising initiative between the City of Peterborough and Kawartha Food Share, a local non-profit. And they’re exploring parking promotions for the local business community.

“HotSpot has lots of new initiatives we couldn’t offer before,” Lynn says.

Accessible analytics

With HotSpot, Lynn has the numbers she needs to make strategic decisions.

“That’s been of great benefit, to quickly and easily access detailed parking data,” Lynn says. “We didn’t have that previously. It is really effective for us to have that big picture.”

And if she needs a particular figure or has a special request, HotSpot always delivers, Lynn says.

“You never have to chase them for anything.”

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