Case Studies

A tap solution for occasional parkers at Trent University

Trent University has a huge and busy campus that makes for some unique parking challenges. 

Some of its 2,100 spots are up to a four-minute walk to the closest pay-and-display machine. And with numerous conferences and events, as well as several third-party organizations on-site, there are many infrequent visitors to its Peterborough, Ont., campus.  

It’s exactly the kind of custom challenge HotSpot embraces. 

HotSpot created a web-based tap feature for Trent for visitors who want a digital parking solution without the app. Users simply tap a fast-tap symbol on a sign in the lot and enter their payment and parking session details. Done. 

“It’s great for those people who are here once or only occasionally,” says Melissa Martin, Trent’s parking supervisor. “HotSpot has been great to work with because they’re always willing to come up with ideas that work for our users.” 

For Melissa, the less equipment she needs to buy and maintain the better. Pay-and-display machines are expensive, time-consuming and stressful for everyone when they malfunction. 

“Having reliable technology is one of our biggest priorities,” she says. Since HotSpot, she hasn’t had to invest in any new pay-and-display machines. 

Along with its tap solution, Trent has adopted a variety of HotSpot products. Digital permits replaced its cumbersome old hang-tag system that used to create huge lineups and heavy administration each fall. 

And Melissa’s hearing rave reviews on the HotSpot app itself. 

“Students and staff love it,” Melissa says. “They don’t have to stand out in the cold, they get a text message telling them when they are about to expire and they’re not wasting money. That’s another perk of HotSpot: it only charges for the time you use, not wasting valuable student dollars. With pay-and-display you don’t get that refund.”

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