Case Studies

Streamlined customer experience in Saint John, N.B.

Saint John wanted to offer the public a smooth, easy parking experience, so it turned to HotSpot. The on-street parking app has been widely adopted and enthusiastically embraced by Port-City parkers.

“Everyone that uses HotSpot, loves it,” says Marc Dionne, general manager of the Saint John Transit & Parking Commission. The city, one of HotSpot’s earliest municipal clients, has been steadily adding solutions since, including lot and gated parking and enforcement.

“It’s growing all the time,” Marc says.

Improved Enforcement
Quicker, more accurate payment verification and less service time spent on complaints and disputed tickets: it all adds up to more efficient enforcement.

Today, Saint John’s parking officers simply do a quick license plate scan with HotSpot’s handheld device. It’s a big improvement over its old system of visually checking paper parking receipts on windshields.

“It’s a lot faster,” Marc says. “Now, with Hotspot, we know instantly whether that person has paid.”

A Connected Community
A number of organizations in Saint John use HotSpot, including its hospitals, airport and university. And that’s a good thing, Marc says.

“The more people we can get using HotSpot, the better,” he says. “It is universally beneficial.”

Plus, HotSpot works with Saint John’s other parking partners, including the company that makes its pay-and-display meters, for streamlined service.

“They are willing to find a one-stop-shop solution,” Marc says. “Our experience with HotSpot is that they are extremely responsive and adaptable.”

Happy Customers, Happy Commission
Since going digital, Marc says Saint John has seen some significant efficiencies. It handles far less cash and coin, which are expensive to process, and has reduced costs and administration related to paper parking receipts.

Users love the streamlined parking experience. They also appreciate HotSpot’s notifications reminding them to top up when their time’s run out, helping to avoid unnecessary tickets and hassles for everyone.

“Customer service is a huge consideration,” Marc says. “We want the public to have the best parking experience possible. The more people using HotSpot, the better the customer experience when it comes to parking.”

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