HotSpot Launches Transit Services for Codiac Transpo, Offering 1st Ride Free

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Starting July 12th, 2017, upon download of the HotSpot app on both iOS and Android, new HotSpot users will be given their first bus ride free!

HotSpot Parking has changed the way Atlantic Canadians think about commuting. Currently, the four-year-old tech company based in Atlantic Canada offers HotSpot Parking services in Moncton where earlier this year, they launched HotSpot Transit.

Taking the leap toward a single app that can transport you by any available means in cities across Atlantic Canada with the introduction of HotSpot Transit. “I think we’re all aware at the rate technology is expanding.” States HotSpot Transit Marketing Manager, Jared Goodman. “It’s just super great to be a part of a company that really get’s that and is looking for ways to innovate that actually benefit people’s lives”

HotSpot users can plan trips and track the buses in real time at no cost with the HotSpot app and for just $2 a month, or $20 a year riders of the Codiac Transpo will be able to purchase their bus pass, whether it be a one trip pass or a monthly pass via the innovative HotSpot app on both iOS and Android devices. This fee also allows them to access the parking services at no additional cost.

Now with Transit services live in Moncton, users can forget about fumbling for change or trying to find the nearest location to buy a monthly bus pass, it’s all available in the HotSpot app. First-time users, upon download of the app, will be given their first ride for free!

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Jared Goodman

Product Marketing Manager, Transit

Moncton, New Brunswick


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