HotSpot Reaches 100,000 Parking Sessions in Halifax

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Dear Mayor Savage and Halifax Regional Municipality Councillors,

Today HotSpot Parking will celebrate 100,000 unique parking sessions in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

As we approach this important milestone, the team at HotSpot Parking feels it appropriate to update you on our progress in HRM and with the city’s community partners.

Since our HRM launch in December, nearly 12,000 Haligonians have registered for our service. Each month, more HRM citizens embrace the digital economy by becoming HotSpot users. In fact, in May, we saw our largest number of monthly signups since our service was introduced to HRM. We are projecting similar growth this month. Undoubtedly, this growth demonstrates a growing confidence among citizens in our service. We are grateful HotSpot Parking has been so readily accepted by HRM residents.

Indeed, HRM has welcomed HotSpot Parking and made us feel at home. In addition to the support shown to our company by our growing user base, we’re thrilled to have partnered with leading organizations in the city to offer our service to even more residents. Our partners include both the Halifax and Dartmouth Downtown Business Commissions, the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the Halifax Waterfront. In the coming weeks and months, we will be announcing new partnerships as well.

As you are well aware, tourism is vital to our region’s economy. HRM has worked hard to build and support a vibrant tourism sector. HotSpot Parking is proud to play a small role in supporting tourism in HRM by promoting our service across the Atlantic region.

After all, much of HRM’s tourism industry is supported by visitors travelling from other parts of Atlantic Canada. In HRM, approximately 1,800 visitors who use HotSpot across the Maritimes have arrived and easily used HotSpot in Halifax. For those visitors, HotSpot has provided a consistent regional experience in an often confusing parking world.

Responsible corporate citizenship and community engagement are important components of HotSpot’s overall corporate culture. That’s why I’m pleased to report our company has provided more than $18,000 in complementary parking hours to HRM citizens. These free hours were paid for by either HotSpot or our partners at Halifax and Dartmouth Downtown Business Commissions. We look forward to finding new ways to give back to our customers and the broader community as we engage individual businesses in the near term.

Before I conclude, there is one more point to be made about our service. Unlike parking services in other jurisdictions, HotSpot Parking operates at no cost to taxpayers. We’re proud of the fact that our service requires no public investment. Similarly, Council should be proud of the cost- effective, innovative, solution it brought consumers by supporting the HotSpot Parking service.

As a local Atlantic Canadian company, operating in our home region is important to us. By working with HotSpot, HRM has also highlighted its commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs.

In HRM, HotSpot Parking has achieved – and contributed – much. However, none of it would be possible without Council’s willingness to champion innovation, change and the digital economy.

Please accept both my thanks and congratulations. Your decision, as a Council, to make HRM a “Smart City” has made your jurisdiction a leader in offering cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions to the challenges residents face.


Phillip Curley
Founder and CEO, HotSpot Parking

June 7th 2018

  • Catriona Fitzgerald

    I downloaded the app for a one time situation however I have continued using it and love it. I have repeated my praise of it to many others. LOVE IT!

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