HotSpot Transit Launches For the Kings Transit Authority

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Users can track and pay for transit in real time with HotSpot app

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ANNAPOLIS VALLEY, NS – Commuting in the Annapolis Valley via public transit just became easier and more efficient thanks to HotSpot Transit.

The app, an extension of the popular HotSpot parking service, allows transit users to purchase tickets and track the location of buses in real time from their smartphone for a membership fee of just $2 per month. Users can also access HotSpot parking services at no additional cost.

“At HotSpot, we’re always looking for innovative, efficient new ways to make it easy for commuters to get where they need to be,” said Phil Curley, HotSpot’s CEO. “With HotSpot Transit, the people of the Annapolis Valley will be able to spend more time doing things that are important to them and less time traveling to purchase transit tickets and passes!”

Users will be able to purchase their Kings Transit Authority bus tickets through the HotSpot app, whether it be for a single trip or a monthly pass.  That means riders will no longer have to fumble through their pockets for change or hustle to the nearest place to buy a bus pass.

“The Kings Transit Authority is committed to providing technology solutions that represent improved value for our ridership,” said Glen Bannon, General Manager of the Kings Transit Authority.  “Together with DoubleMap and free WiFi on our buses, Hotspot Transit will improve the customer experience”.

To download the app or to learn more about HotSpot’s offerings, residents of Annapolis, Digby and Kings Counties are encouraged to visit

1. Do I need access to the Internet to use HotSpot Transit?

Yes, HotSpot needs to be connected to the Internet via Wifi or Data in order to be used.

2. Do I need a Credit Card to use HotSpot Transit?

Yes, but your first ride is free.

3. Do I need a HotSpot Membership to use HotSpot Transit?

Yes, HotSpot Transit requires you to have a HotSpot membership in order to use the service.

4. If I already have a HotSpot Membership to park my car, do I need a new one?

No, your HotSpot membership covers both your parking and transit usage.

5. How do I purchase a transit pass?

You can purchase a transit pass in the HotSpot app’s “Ride Bus” section or by accessing the transit tab in your account dashboard at

6. When do I purchase my transit pass?

You should purchase your transit pass before boarding the bus as to not hold up the boarding process.

7. Do I need to purchase a transfer pass through the app?

No, Transferring is done the same way you would normally do it. You ask the bus driver for a transfer pass and keep with you until your journey is done.

8. What happens if I press board bus before the bus arrives?

Your ticket will expire in 15 minutes. If the bus is delayed, you can show the driver your expired pass screen in your Transit Pass history.

9. How does HotSpot track the buses?

HotSpot does not track the buses. DoubleMap tracks them and we present that information to you through the app.

9. Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

You can contact HotSpot Customer Support at or by calling 1-855- 712-5888

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