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HotSpot Membership Discount for CAA Members!

If you are a CAA member, then you are eligible for $2 off the yearly membership option, which comes to $18 per year (plus applicable taxes)! To enable this, in the app, navigate to:

Settings  >  Wallet  >  CAA Member Discount

You will be prompt to enter your CAA number, and once you press submit, the discount will start to take effect!

HotSpot Parking now available in UNBSJ and Acadia University!

Starting May 1st, you can now park at Acadia University and the University of New Brunswick – Saint John Campus using the HotSpot app! At Acadia, HotSpot will be available at all metered parking spots. At UNBSJ, HotSpot will be available at all metered spots, as well as all parking spots where you use a pay station to pay for parking (though with HotSpot, you no longer need to walk up to the pay station!).You can read the UNBSJ press release, here.

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