New and Improved
HotSpot Parking Transit Taxis App

New and Improved HotSpot
HotSpot Mobile App

A Complete Makeover!

We are thrilled to introduce the updated HotSpot mobile app, with a hot new look. The same features that members know and love are still in the app, with a major facelift.  This update is so much more than cosmetic! Updated, intuitive navigation allows members to quickly use the app on the go.

A Better Starting Point

Open the app and, at a glance, see your wallet balance, your total savings, and your community donations. 

Access our services from the tray at the bottom of the screen, or click the hamburger icon (top left) to access account management, app settings, and so much more.

Parking on the Go

It’s easier than ever to pay for parking from your phone with HotSpot. No more mad dashes to the meter. A countdown timer and notifications remind you when to top up! We refund unfinished sessions back to the wallet. 

Traveling to another city to shop, play, or do business? You can use the mobile app in any HotSpot partner community in Canada.

Video: Parking at a meter

A Better Bus

Transit just got a whole lot easier. Buy passes in the app and display your digital transit pass to the driver. No need to handle coins, tickets or passes. Stay informed with real-time route mapping with Google Maps, alerts, and tracking using an onboard GPS. 

*Available in select cities.

Built-in corporate and enterprise management enables organizations to provide transit services to their employees or students.

For transit operators, updated digital bus passes are easy to view and validate. Less paperwork, data entry or coin collection; in-depth insights on ridership, revenues and routes; and timely issues management.

A New Way to Taxi

HotSpot has partnered with local taxi providers, starting in Fredericton, to provide a more efficient and modern urban taxi experience.

Book a taxi, see an estimated cost and wait time. Real-time alerts allow you to track the location and arrival of the taxi. Eliminate the hassle of cash or card payments with built-in secure payments. Report on ridership or revenues, and manage issues in a timely manner.


New Payment Options for Everyone

HotSpot offers various options to match our member’s preferences. Most members prefer our annual plan. We’ve added add a new Pay Per Use option. Pay a small fee of 25 cents or less for each HotSpot session, to a maximum of $2 plus tax (fees may vary per location). 

To see all membership plans and calculate your best value, see the calculator on our Pricing Page

Updated Realtime Parking Maps

Plan ahead with interactive Real-time Parking Maps. See the location, rates, hours, and availability of the HotSpot parking lots and meters. Not sure how to get to the lot? Click to get Google Map directions. *Available in select locations.

Easy Permit Management

With HotSpot digital permits, members can purchase permits and manage their vehicles in the HotSpot app or online dashboard.

For parking lot management, this means less administration, data entry, and service interaction. We provide dedicated 24/7 HotSpot support and customer service. 

Our intuitive administration portal makes it easy to manage all permits in one organized location. With a built-in waitlist option and the ability to offer auto-renewing permits, HotSpot Digital Permits provide a great benefit to both members and administrators. 

Currently available in select cities, this has been redesigned to be more intuitive for members.

Digital Gated Parking

Eliminate onsite credit card and cash payments and live attendants with our user-friendly NFC tap system. Pay through the HotSpot app by tapping their mobile phone at the gate. 

No need for booth attendants. The hassle of ticket printing machines is eliminated. Parking managers have self-serve access to accounting and reports.

Video: Parking at a Gate

Updated Merchant Validation

Reward customers and keep them in-store longer with the HotSpot Tap Validation Service. Cover 30 minutes, 1-hour or a custom amount to your customer’s HotSpot wallet and show that you appreciate their business.

This new NFC Validation service is replacing our older beacon validation service as a convenient, less intrusive way to offer this value to your customers.

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Updated Corporate Fleet Management

One company, many vehicles – a simple solution to help you manage multiple parkers. Now available in gated facilities!

From a single company account with an intuitive fleet-management dashboard, consolidate your parking payments and access rigorous reporting for tax rebates.

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Expanded CAA Partnership

CAA Atlantic Canada has now added a FREE annual HotSpot membership to its Premier package. An exciting new partnership for East Coast drivers!

Our existing CAA partnership proudly offers all valid CAA members in Canada great HotSpot membership savings. Members receive the Annual Plan for only $18/year.

To take advantage of these savings, please register in the HotSpot app. If you have questions about your CAA membership, please contact CAA.

Giving Back to the Community

Do good with one simple click. HotSpot has partnered with United Way to give members the opportunity to give back to their community. Donate money from unfinished parking sessions to help your local United Way build stronger, more prosperous communities for all. Through inspiring opportunities, your refund dollars help empower people to make lasting social change. The app still gives members the option to keep the refund in their wallet.

When you donate your refund, the money goes to the United Way in the city that you parked in.

Please email to request a demo.