A Single Solution for Connected Cities.

Our integrated product for parking, transit and taxis saves money and administration, improves service and creates a better overall citizen experience.

Modern Parking is Mobile

The app that started it all. Our digital parking solution positions your city in the now.

Best of all: it’s free to municipalities.

  • Less administration
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Integrated with all HotSpot locations and communities
  • Optimized parking infrastructure
  • Custom solutions for unique situations
  • Free bilingual signage

A Better Bus

Transit just got a whole lot easier. Users buy passes in the app and tap to ride. Less paperwork, data entry and coin collection.

  • More secure payments
  • In-depth insights on ridership, revenues, routes
  • Timely issues management
  • Real-time route mapping with Google Maps
  • Tracking via onboard GPS
  • Real-time customer alerts
  • Built-in corporate and enterprise management

A New Way to Cab

Our digital solution for taxis makes for a more efficient and modern urban experience.

  • Improved customer service
  • Secure payments via HotSpot
  • Reporting on ridership, revenues and more
  • Timely issues management
  • Real-time alerts and tracking

Optimize Your Services and Assets

Hang-tags Not Required

No more hang-tags, stickers or other physical identifiers. Users purchase permits and manage vehicles in the app.

  • Less administration, data entry, service interaction
  • Dedicated 24/7 HotSpot support, customer service
  • User notifications, such as snow bans
  • Intuitive administration portal for offline sales, manual permitting
  • Automated early-bird permits, waitlists

The Evolution of Enforcement

The complete enforcement solution to identify and ticket unpaid parkers with ease.

  • Save time with License Plate Recognition technology
  • Advanced handheld unit scans plates
  • Ticket Resolution in app
  • Monitor parking officers’ activity and performance
  • 24/7 HotSpot support

Digital Gated Parking

Eliminate onsite credit card and cash payments and live attendants with our user-friendly NFC tap system.

  • More efficient operations
  • No need for booth attendants
  • Users pay through HotSpot Wallet
  • Eliminate the hassle of ticket printing machines
  • Self-serve access to accounting, reports
  • 24/7 HotSpot support, customer service

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Nathan Armstrong

VP, Business Development

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