Progressive and Profitable.

We transform parking from a drag to a revenue stream and optimize your taxi service. We’ve got the complete solution for your operation, no matter its size.

Optimize Your Assets

Empty parking spaces represent lost revenue. We maximize your corporate, private or institutional parking operation.

  • Increased revenues
  • In-app map, for real-time parking availability
  • Street signage
  • Ticket Resolution in app
  • Administration portal for management, reporting
  • 24/7 HotSpot support, customer service

Hang-tags Not Required

No more hang-tags, stickers or other physical identifiers. Users purchase permits and manage vehicles through the app.

  • Less administration, data entry and service interaction
  • Seamless digital payments
  • Dedicated 24/7 HotSpot support
  • User notification of renewal
  • Intuitive administration portal for offline sales, manual permitting
  • Better service with automated early-bird permits, waitlists

The Evolution of Enforcement

The complete enforcement solution to identify and ticket unpaid parkers with ease.

  • Save time with License Plate Recognition technology
  • Advanced handheld unit scans plates
  • Ticket Resolution in the app
  • Monitor parking officers’ activity and performance
  • 24/7 HotSpot support

Digital Gated Parking

Eliminate onsite credit card and cash payments and live attendants with our user-friendly NFC tap system.

  • More efficient operations
  • No need for booth attendants
  • No more lost tickets
  • Users pay through HotSpot Wallet
  • Eliminate the hassle of ticket printing machines
  • Self-serve access to accounting and reports
  • 24/7 support

Taxi Providers

Competitive Cabs

Our digital solution goes up against ride-sharing apps, letting your taxi company compete in the mobile market.

  • Improved customer service
  • Secure in-app payment
  • Real-time ride mapping
  • Customer alert on arrival
  • Monitor drivers’ activity and performance
  • 24/7 HotSpot support

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