Frequently Asked Questions

What does my $2 monthly fee do?

The $2.00 fee for using HotSpot each month provides you with:

  • Ability to top up your parking remotely
  • Convenience
  • Refund Feature
  • Multi-city accessible parking platform (throughout New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island)
  • Ticket Resolution feature

Regardless of how many times you top up your account in a month, you’ll only be charged a one time monthly fee of $2.

Will the 2 dollar monthly fee come out of my balance?

You can choose to have the monthly or annual fee deducted from your credit card or directly from your HotSpot wallet. In the app settings, you can toggle “Use Wallet” on or off. If “Use Wallet” is enabled, you’ll be charged $2.00 which will come out of the credit on your HotSpot account. If you do not have credit, it will become a balance owed to HotSpot.

When will I be charged the $2 fee?

About a month after you sign up. Example: if you sign up on the 15th of November, you will be charged on the 15th of December. This fee is billed each month regardless of app usage.

Why does my parking show on my app and not the parking meter?

Our app isn’t actually synced with the parking meters, so your HotSpot parking won’t appear on the meters. If a parking officer is checking your vehicle and sees that the meter is flashing “0:00”, they will check your license plate to see if you’re a HotSpot user. To ensure that you don’t get a ticket, double check that your license plate on your HotSpot account doesn’t have any typos.

What is the annual subscription for HotSpot?

The annual subscription provides you with access to HotSpot for an entire year for $20.00 as opposed to a monthly charge of $2.00. This is a one-time up-front cost that can be taken from the credit on your account or as payment to your credit card.

How do I add more funds to my account?

To add more funds to your account, simply open the app and go to the “Settings” tab. From there, click on “Account Balance.” You’ll then see pre-set amounts ($5, $10, $15, $20, $40) or your own custom amount. Once you click on the amount, you’ll see a notification saying “Confirm Update, add funds with card ending in ?.” Click “Yes” to use the credit card you have on file or “No” to upload a new credit card.

What is Parking Extender?

HotSpot users who forget to start a session or top up have the benefit of HotSpot saving them from a potential ticket where approved by the municipality. If a ticketing officer checks your plate while you don’t have an active parking session, we will start one for you. The cost of the session will be taken directly from your wallet. In order to prevent potential abuse of this service, a $2 +tax service fee is included along with a limit of two saves. Each of those two saves can be used once every 31 days.*

*Parking Extender is only available in New-Brunswick and PEI.

How do I change my credit card?

To change your credit card, go to “Settings” and then to “Account Balance.” Choose the amount of parking you’d like ($10, $15, $20, $40) or your own custom amount. Once you click on the amount, you’ll see a notification saying “Confirm Update, add funds with card ending in ?.” To add a new credit card, click “No.”

Can I use anything other than credit cards to pay for my parking?

Yes, you can also use VISA debit cards to pay for your parking.

When will I be billed?

For the yearly service, you’ll have a one time up-front cost of $20.00. If you have the credit available in your HotSpot account, the money will be taken from there. Otherwise, the charge will go to your credit card on file.

I want to delete my account but don’t know how.

If you would like to delete your account, you can do so by following these simple steps:
1. Login into your HotSpot Dashboard
2. On the profile tab, you will see ‘Delete Account’.
3. Click on ‘Delete account’.